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An outlaw's diary

Published [1923]

[Vol. 1] Revolution, with a foreword by the Duke of Northumberland.--[Vol. 2] The Commune


Volume 2
Publisher London : Allen
Pages 316
Language English
Call number AFB-1140
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Book contributor Robarts - University of Toronto
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Reviewer: László Király - - April 7, 2013
Subject: A key to 20-21th century Hungarian history
Many Hungarians reading this book as a key to open their eyes to today's low & dirty socioliberaldemocrat politics. In the age of globalization and under the new Soviet Union, the EU, this book proves that history does repeat itself if a nation does not learn from its history.

The three truths that should be remembered:

As much as István Széchenyi was the Greatest Hungarian, red baron mihaly karolyi was the dirtiest treator of Hungary and the Hungarian Nation. It was not the Trianon dictatum but his separate, intentional Belgrad treason that deliberately gave up and violated the 1000 years territorial integrity of Hungary. ("The smaller the country the bigger I am.")

It was not The Jews but Jews did the Red Terror in Hungary and non of the international Jews raised their voice against those terrible crimes and torturing and mass murdering of Hungarians. In fact no one from the civilized nations, like USA, France, UK. (Did you know that King Elizabeth of UK greeted the Soviet general in a letter for bringing an army of tanks to Hungary in 1956 to destroy the national revolution?)

All methods of dictatorship, and the way to power and wealth is still in use against Hungary, just Samuelly's death train has not been brought back. Yet. Instead of tanks the banks are killing the country. And Netanjahu announces on the YouTube that Israel bought Hungary, Romania, and Poland.
Reviewer: betelgeuze - - November 25, 2011
Subject: document of horrors of the past
A sensible first-hand account, relating the writer’s own experiences during the post WW-1 collapse of „historic Hungary” and the resulting horrors of the 1919 Commune. As a member of a distinguished family, and leader of the conservative National Association of Women during the war, the writer had to hide and flee from place to place to avoid the worst from the start of the Soviet Republic. The diary-derived prose is refined and engaging through the end which is little surprise after all, as the author had indeed been among the nominated writers for the 1927 Nobel prize in literature (shared), that fell through only because of her death. Nevertheless, as the military defeat ended in foreign occupation and internal social chaos, Tormay’s conviction to oppose communism’s attempt to obliterate the dominant culture of the land gave also birth to her antisemitic sentiments, expressed over the hijacking of all public life and the control of individual freedoms by a minority which was mainly Jewish, and this non-PC parlance explains why this work has not become an acclaimed document of the 20th C literary offering either in post WW-2 Communist Hungary or outside the country alike (e.g. in this 1923 translation).
Historians may argue about the role of the immigrant Jewish minority or outright Lenin-trained Jewish leadership element in the 1919 Commune in that country, but Tormay was first a good writer not a historian or a politician who could have commented on the rise of both kind of totalitarianisms in the decades following the first international revolutionary movement.
Reviewer: TequilaKid - - November 21, 2010
Subject: Ravings of a rabid Fascist reptile
It is truly astonishing to read a book purporting to be a diary, i.e., a chronicle of daily events, and find three outrageous lies one right after the other! Fascism is truly the mother of all lies.

The lies are:

Lie no. 1: A violinist who is labeled a “Gypsy-Jew”. That is a most peculiar hybrid indeed, one that can stem only from a febrile imagination such as that possessed by the venomous Fascist scribbler Cecile Tormay. Since she hates Gypsies and Jews, a fiddler playing the Internationale at Keleti pályaudvar must be both. Fascist logic at its most perceptive.

Lie no. 2: The Zionist Congress in Paris in 1919 resolved to make Budapest the capital of Judaism and occupy it militarily. A likely story.

Lie No. 3: Hungarian Jews are depicted as sneaking in from the east and buying up liquor stores. No mention of the numerous Hungarian Jews who shed their blood for … well, for something or other, during the First World War.

All in all highly reminiscent of Fascist lies in Spain, Fascist lies in Germany, Fascist lies in Italy. The day’s scuttlebutt served up in pseudo-journalistic fashion.

For the record, I am not Jewish, not Hungarian and not Marxist.
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